JIF Christmas dinner 2019

It’s Christmas time, hence all the tinsel. In time honoured fashion, Cardiff JIF will be celebrating Yuletide in Svago.on Crwys Road on Saturday 21st December, meeting at 7.30pm for an 8pm start. All details below.

Price £23 members £26 if Steak or Hake

£27.50 non members or £30.50 if Steak or Hake

Payments can be made directly to the Jif account:

Sort code 309691

Account number 02378047

Ref: “Dinner 2019 & name”

For ‘name’ put your name unless you’re treating someone big time. Cash can also be given to Laura but payments and menu choices must be done in advance and no later than Weds 18th December.

Menu details as follows:

Don’t forget there are specific rules about attending the JIF dinner. Firstly, you must sit exactly where you are put. Not somewhere else. Not somewhere better lit, or by the bar or by your mates or less near the toilets. No. Stay put. Secondly, you must wear nice clothes. Not any old clothes. REALLY nice clothes. Not that comfy pair of dungarees you like for gardening or your favourite joggers.Wear something clean, ironed and preferably starched; we can’t live in Lycra. Finally, buy raffle tickets. MANY. The money goes to charity 👌.