Big JIF success in the Welsh CX league and champs

A fantastic CX season comes to an end for Cardiff JIF. Crowned top team in the league and with winners and strong representation across the categories, the past, present and future looks bright. Here is the honours board, with top 10 positions (and a high 5 to the riders who narrowly missed out – join our training sessions on a Weds to help bridge the gap!), followed by Welsh Champs medals position (Where applicable).

U8 boys

Iestyn Hirst – 6th

U10 male

Osian Tilke – 9th

U14 Girls

Anwen Nesham – 1st        / Gold 🥇

Jessica Hoskins – 2nd  / Silver 🥈

Evelyn Nurse – 4th  / 5thU14 Male

Rhys Griffin – 9th

U16 Girls

Ella Mclean-Howell – 7th / Gold 🥇

U16 Boys

Jack Hastings – 2nd / Bronze 🥉


Clare Hoskins – 1st / V50 Gold 🥇

Laura Jeremiah – 4th / V40 Silver 🥈

Rhian Hopkins – 10th

Carol Miller – V50 Bronze 🥉

Junior Men

George Marshall – 1stSenior men

Dan Powell – 3rd / Bronze 🥉

Alex Powell – 6thV40 men

Andy Hoskins – 4thKieron Hastings – 5thV50 men

Ian Jeremiah – 2nd / Silver 🥈


So….how did we become team champs? Some might say ‘numbers’ and to a degree they are right. The idea of the team champs was (is) to encourage clubs to support the league as fully as possible. While we are not a big club, we are both a supportive club (with many of our members racing week in and week out) and a successful one; and that combination put us on top. Well done to every Jiffie that pulled on a top over the course of the CX season. Every point counts, both earning them for us and edging out other teams. Here’s to more success in 2020.

(And a special mention for Ethan Pratten below. He’s really developed this season and shows plenty of grit. Well done Ethan 👍).