First and foremost, Cardiff JIF is a club for riders who enjoy racing*. While there is not a chain-gang or long slow ride to attend (there are plenty of alternatives to both), the club puts it’s energies into organising a large number of race focused activities.
These are:

  • A winter track session at Newport velodrome (Sep-Feb)**.
  • A weekly Wattbike session**.
  • 6 weeks of coached cyclo-cross adult training followed by 10 weeks of cyclocross fitness training (this encompasses the season).
  • Pit support from team mates during CX races (such as bike washing).
  • Weekly mountain bike session Apr – July (organised and attended by coaches, but not strictly coached).
  • Organise crit races as part of the Llandow closed road race series.
  • Organise a round of the Welsh Cyclocross league.

We are also very committed to the development of young and junior riders. To this end we focus quite heavily on youth development, offering:

  • Weekly Coaching – sessions alternate according to season, but include road, cyclocross and mountain bike.
  • From February 2020, we will refund the fees of any rider under the age of 23 who competes in a National event e.g. National Trophy, National Championships (not including Welsh champs).

By following these policies, we hope to continue our history of developing young riders who go on to enjoy success at National and International level.

What type of adult rider does this suit?

As a club Cardiff JIF is best suited to experienced riders who are active, comfortable training solo or in a group and enjoy being part of the racing scene (or are looking to get into racing).

What type of young rider does JIF suit?

JIF aims to support and develop young riders embarking on their race journey, aiming to learn skills and improve. The club itself is full of very experienced riders who have competed at all levels across cycling disciplines. As such, there is lots of knowledge and experience to tap into.

If you’d like to learn more about Cardiff JIF, please reach out via Twitter or Facebook. Alternatively chat to one of our riders. You can’t miss us.



*Sportives are brilliant – and many are properly hard – but races are a little different. To understand the difference, a sportive is a non-competitive, mass participation event that does not award prizes, positions or national ranking points.

**Access to some of these activities is dependent on commitment to the session, payment in advance (where applicable) and if numbers are tight, priority is given to club members who actively help, organise or coach.