Subs are due

Happy New Year members of the green army.

For the paltry sum of £12 adults* and £10 kids, you can remain – or become – a member of Cardiff’s finest. With a former member winning both the Tour De France and BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 2018, we can’t promise quite as much excitement in 2019 (but you never know). What we CAN and DO promise however, is that we will continue to develop our promising youngsters, we’ll still organise coaching sessions and races and we’ll always support the racing community that forms the bedrock of cycling success.

Please see Craig for adult membership and Laura/Simon for kids club. All members will he asked to complete a short online form.

*Terms and conditions apply

4 thoughts on “Subs are due

  1. I got the bank details for payment to me made via British cycling. I to use those? I’m also guessing membership runs January to January, ?


    1. Yes – Membership is for a calendar year. Will confirm about payment via BC; we’re adjusting our payment processes. Cash via Cyclopaedia is also an option.


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