Saturday ride

Club ride

There is a ride each Saturday leaving Cyclopaedia on Crwys Road at 9:30. The ride will be around 3 hours/50 miles without a coffee stop.

The group will ride together, with the exception of climbs where we will re-group at the top.

We ride in pairs and take turns on the front by means of the outside front rider moving forward and then to the left once clear of the wheel. Do not feel you need to spend more time on the front than you are comfortable with. We’d rather you did several short turns than an heroic effort followed by constantly being off the back!

Check that your bike is roadworthy (the guys in the shop will be able to help, but bear in mind that this should be done in advance and any work to the bike may cost). Please bring a mobile phone and sufficient food, water and spares for the ride with you. Helmets must be worn throughout.

Newcomers are very welcome. Please make yourself known to the other riders, or the staff in the shop before 9:30 and they will introduce you to the ride-leader. Riders under 18 please see below (or hyperlink)


For each and every club ride, there will be a ride leader and the participation of people under-18 must be agreed in advance (Cyclopaedia on Crwys Road will be able to help in contacting ride-leaders.).

Those under the age of 18 will need to have a parental consent form (link to download) completed and returned. They will need to ride with either a parent or a club member willing to act as their appropriate adult, who will stay with them. It is the responsibility of parents to select an appropriate adult from within the club and the details of that arrangement should be confirmed to the ride leader via e-mail the day before the ride (for specific details of each ride go to Events where you can find information on start, time, distance, pace and duration.)
An emergency contact number will be needed. Parents should ensure that their child has:

  • A mobile phone
  • Some cash for food/drink
  • At least 1 spare inner tube

It is important to note that these procedures only apply to activities organised in the club’s name. Rides and other activities, even though they may involve members of Cardiff JIF, are private activities and parents should contact those involved. Cardiff JIF cannot be held responsible for the actions of club members at other times. It is also important to note that the image above is of tiny metal toy riders and not the actual real things. Honestly 🙂